About Me

Hi!  I'm Kristen Wall.  I've been teaching adults for almost 20 years. In fact, my doctorate is in Adult Learning!  In 2018 I quit my job, took a sabbatical, and then started a job search.  I went to networking events, drank a lot of coffee during informational interviews, and realized that I had developed a system for job searching that no one else was doing.

I started teaching my system to different networking groups in Denver in late 2018 and heard comments like "No one ever talks about this!" and "The worst part of my day is trying to figure out where to start!".  Every writer will say there's nothing worse than a blank page, and every job seeker says there's nothing worse than a blank calendar.  

I will help you figure out a system that helps you stay motivated and keeps you on track but also builds space to take advantage of the great parts of the job search.  

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