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3 Ways To Make Your Career Change Easier in 2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

The new year/decade is just around the corner. Maybe you’re in the middle of a job search or just toying with the idea that maybe this would be a good time to think about a change. Wherever you are on the spectrum, there are three things you can do now that will make it easier for you in 2020.

Take an honest look at your finances. What can you really afford to do? If you are currently unemployed, this is an urgent question. How much money is going out and coming in? Can you afford to quit your job and take a few months off, or do you have $50/month extra in the budget that you can put to career change resources like networking events and coaching sessions? You may resist the idea that your financial situation shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your true passions, but pretending like you have unlimited resources will make it harder for you to truly land in a new job with peace of mind about your choices.

Take an honest look at the time you can commit to a job search. Telling yourself you can quit your job and find a new one in two weeks if you commit to working on the search 14 hours a day may be a bit unrealistic. Look at your current commitments, cut out the things that can wait a little while, and mark the time on your calendar. Give yourself the gift of time that you have dedicated to the search.

Take an honest look at your attitude about the search. You don’t have to joyfully anticipate spending time on LinkedIn, but a tiny sense of anticipation might be helpful. What are you most excited about? What does this job search mean to you? How will a new job or career help you? Spend some time thinking about, and dreaming about, what life after the LinkedIn season might look like to give you a vision of the future. You are going to need to call on that vision on the hard days.

Like everything else in life, a job search is largely about attitude. Taking these three steps can get you into a better mental space to start. I’m looking forward to hearing your tips or suggestions about what you are doing to prepare!

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