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3 Things to Consider Before Getting an Accountability Partner

Finding an accountability partner (AP) is a great way to help you stay motivated and increase your network. Here are three things to consider and questions to ask to help you narrow down the field:

Their network. You may think you need to find an AP who works outside your field so you are not competing for jobs. That's definitely something to consider, but someone inside your field has a network that might be helpful for you. Also, unless you have the exact same professional goals (unlikely) you will probably quickly find you are not pursuing the same jobs. If this is a concern, have the conversation up front and share your concerns and expectations about how you will both conduct yourselves if you are applying for the same job. My experience was that having an AP in my field brought me more contacts and helpful insights than it brought conflict. Ask questions like "What jobs are currently on your list?" and "

Their availability. If you are single and they are single...with three kids...your schedules may not be compatible. Even if you get along like a house on fire, you have to be able to depend on each other to show up to the meeting every week, especially if you have daytime commitments and they have evening commitments. Ask questions like "When do you do your best work?" and "Do you have space in your schedule to meet consistently every week?".

Their commitment to the job search. You don't want to bring all of the energy every week and you shouldn't be a drain on someone else's. Find someone who seems to have the same level of commitment to the search. Asking questions like "How many hours a week are you spending on the search?" or "How quickly do you want to land a job?" will help you gauge their level of commitment.

Having an accountability partner will provide you with valuable insight, feedback, and encouragement during your job search. Asking a few key questions can help you find just the right person.

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